Savings 2 for Mac and iPhone

A minimalistic yet powerful personal finance app

Savings 2 is a personal finance app for people who want more control over their financial accounts. Savings is powerful, but not overloaded with features. Savings' intuitive and beautiful design makes managing finance actually pleasant.

  • Simplicity

    Savings is designed to be as simple as possible but no simpler. We don't burden it with unnecessary features.

  • Power

    Although Savings is not overloaded with features, the features we do have are essential and powerful.

  • Control

    Unlike apps that manage transactions for you, Savings lets you handle your financial data exactly the way you want.

  • Flexibility

    Because of Savings' minimalistic design, you can use Savings in countless ways, for personal or for business.

  • Design

    We believe a personal finance app should be beautiful. That is why we crafted every pixel of Savings with care.

  • Privacy

    Unlike apps that asks you for email and sell your data to advertisers, your data in Savings is for your eyes only.


Account management • Easy to read charts • iCloud sync • Super quick transaction entry • Instant search • Custom categories • Scheduled transactions • Multiple currencies • Batch transaction edit • Passcode protection • Import and export... and more

Some features are available only on macOS.

What's New in Savings 2

Savings 2 for Mac is a complete redesign of Savings 1. It's been updated to have a modern look and feel. There is now the ability to compare multiple trend charts side by side, and a greatly enhanced expense breakdown view with pie chart. It has been updated to support the latest OS, including new features like Dark Mode in macOS Mojave.

Savings 2 for iPhone is also a complete redesign. It adds the much requested scheduled transactions feature from the Mac app.