Savings 2 for macOS and iOS

Stay on top of your personal finance.

Savings is a personal finance app that immediately gives you result. By keeping track of what you spend, you can see where your money is going. Once you gain a sense of your spending habit, it is effortless to create a budget that you can follow, so you can get out of debt, save, and live more.

  • Keep your accounts organized

    Cash, credit cards, investment, loans… keep track of them all in a single place and see your net worth.

  • As flexible as you are

    Savings doesn't impose a heavy structure. Use it lightly or track everything. The choice is yours.

  • Category breakdown

    See a breakdown of your expenses and income by category. Now you know where all your money went!

  • Income and expense trends

    See long-term trends for balance, income, expenses or any category, plotted visually.

  • iCloud sync

    Keep your digital checkbook in your pocket. Log expense on the go. Available anytime, anywhere.

And so much more…

Import and export. Passcode protection. Instant search. Custom categories. Archived accounts. Scheduled and recurring transaction reminders. Multiple currencies. Batch editing…

Some features are available only on macOS.
Budget is coming soon to iOS.