Simple and effective money management for your Mac and iPhone.

Savings is a simple and effective personal finance app that helps you take control of your money. It has all the functionalities you need to manage your money effectively but with none of the complexity you don't.

Savings is also secure. We don't require you to "log in" to use Savings, and we never ask for your bank login information. Synchronization between your Macs and iPhone is handled by Apple's secure iCloud service.

It’s not just software

Savings is not just software. It is based on a three-step method to take control of your money. The Savings guides covers these steps in full details, and if you ever run into problem, you can email support anytime.

  • 1
    Stay on top of all your accounts
  • 2
    Understand where your money go
  • 3
    Make a long-term budget

Stay on top of all your accounts

Savings lets you keep track of all your accounts in a single place. Checking, savings, credit card, cash, you name it. You will no longer wonder where all your money is kept or how much is left on your accounts.

Savings for iPhone lets you enter transactions on the go.
Savings for Mac has powerful tools such as batch edit, search, and import to let you manage all your accounts.

Understand where your money go

The advantage of organizing your account information in Savings is you can start to gain insight into how you are spending your money.

See a breakdown of your expenses by category in the iPhone app.
Other than the breakdown chart, the Mac app also has trend charts to show you whether your overall account balance is going up or now, and more.

Make a long-term budget

After you gain an understanding of your spending, you are ready to create a budget. Savings lets you easily create a budget that spans across the entire year for all categories of spending and income. It also helps you stay on track after your budget is created.

After you have created a budget, you know exactly how much you will have left by the end of the year.

And much more...

  • ⭐️ Easily import old data from Quicken and other apps
  • 🔒 Passcode to keep your data private on your device.
  • ☁️ Secure cloud sync via Apple’s iCloud service
  • 🔍 Instantly search through transactions
  • 😀 Custom categories, even with Emojis!
  • ♥️ Your data is yours. Export it any time
  • 📅 Scheduled reminds you to pay bills
  • ✏️ Batch edit your transactions
Finally, an excellent money management app for the Mac!
- Doug S.
Should be on every Mac.
Absolutely Brilliant!
- Mick D.

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