Happy New Year!


I’m happy to kick off the year with an update to both Savings for Mac and Savings for iPhone. There are many new features planned for 2016, so please stay tuned to this blog for future updates.

Passcode Lock

The main new feature Savings 1.8 (Mac) and Savings 1.3 (iPhone) is the ability to lock Savings with a password or passcode when you are not using it. This is a highly requested feature, and now, both apps have the ability to do so.

To activate password on the Mac, just go to the Securities tab under Preferences.

To activate passcode on the iPhone, just go to Settings > Passcode.

Push Sync

Push sync refers to the ability for a change to automatically be pushed to all your devices once it is made on one device. The end result is whenever you open the app on any device, the latest data is already there.

This functionality is now a part of the iPhone app, and will soon be brought over to the Mac app. Be sure to allow Savings to send you push notifications when you are prompted.

Savings also now shows you an activity indicator when its syncing data. Please note that on the Mac, you have to be running El Capitan to see this.

Automatic Backup

To make sure your data is never lost, Savings now makes a backup of your entire database regularly. If you ever need to retrieve the data, you can contact support for instructions.