Savings for macOS 1.8.1


In this update, I focused on improving small bits of the user experience in the Mac app. Things like payee and category autocomplete, increasing the size of the balance footer, and clearing new flag when editing multiple transactions. It is also easier now to delete accounts and budgets from the sidebar. Just press the delete key or use the contextual menu.

Sync is also improved for the Mac app. If you keep Savings running in the background, it will receive updates from iCloud. So whenever you activate Savings, you will see the latest data without waiting for refresh. This brings the immediacy of sync inline with the iPhone app.

To get the update, visit Savings on the App Store.

User Guide

I’ve been asked several times if there is a guide for newbies to learn everything they need to know about using Savings. That is, in fact, what I am working on these days. I expect to have it released within the next couple of weeks. So keep your eyes peeled on the website!