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Simple and effective personal finance software for your Mac and iPhone.

Savings is a simple and effective personal finance app that helps you take control of your money. It has all the functionalities you need, but none of the complexity you don't.

Keep track of all your accounts

Savings lets you keep track of all your accounts in a single place. We made it easy and quick to enter transactions, categorize them, and reconcile your accounts. It is like a checkbook on steroid.

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See where your money go

The reason you want to categorize your transactions is so you can see where your money is going. The Breakdown chart in Savings shows you your expense and income broken down by categories.

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Spot trends

Ever wonder whether your net worth is going up or down, how your expense compares to your income, or whether buying more groceries has reduced your dining out expense? The Trends chart in Savings answer those questions.

Mac Trends Screenshot

A simple budgeting system

Do away with the complexity of an "envelope budgeting system." Just estimate how much you plan to spend on each category for the entire year, and track your progress along the way.

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Never miss another bill

For all your bills and recurring transactions, create a scheduled transaction in Savings. Savings will remind you when the payment is due, and you can log payment with one click.

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Syncs with your banks

Savings can automatically synchronize transactions with your bank, so you don't have to manually enter or reconcile them. Bank Sync is available for U.S. and Canada. It is an add-on features that costs only $2.99/month.

Mac Bank Sync Screenshot

And more...

I guess I have tried them all, but this is without a doubt the easiest one I have ever used. It is self explanatory in every way.
- Silver Reed
A bookkeeper’s dream for simplicity!
- TaosGoddess3
Absolutely Brilliant!
- Mick D.
Should be on every Mac.
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