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The missing personal finance app for your Mac.

Most personal finance apps are filled with features you don’t need. Savings 2 isn’t like that. We focus on the 20% of features you use 80% of the time, so you have everything you need to manage your finance effectively without the bloat. Oh, and we also make it beautiful, so managing your finance is actually enjoyable.

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Syncs with your Banks

Savings 2 automatically syncs transaction data with your banks, so you don’t have to manually enter your transactions. For pending transaction you enter manually, they will automatically be reconciled when sync takes place.

Bank Sync supports all major credit cards and banks in U.S. and Canada, with more countries coming soon. Use of Bank Sync is entirely optional and requires a separate monthly subscription.

Track your accounts with ease.

Savings is like a checkbook on steroid. Keep track of all your bank and cash accounts in one place. It’s effortless to reconcile accounts with your bank to make sure everything is in sync. Multiple currencies are supported too.

Schedule recurring bills.

Keep track of bills and upcoming payments. Be alerted when they are due. Never forget to pay a bill again!

Gain insight through Charts.

See where your money is going in the Breakdown chart. With Trends, you can see how your finance is over time.

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Batch edit multiple transactions.

Edit the fields of multiple transactions at once. Keep your transactions list nice and tidy.

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Available for iPhone too.

Savings is available for your iPhone. Everything is synced automatically over secure iCloud.

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Optimized for Dark Mode

Looks gorgeous in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave.

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There is more...

Migrate from Quicken

Move your historical data from Quicken or other apps.

Import from Bank

Import transactions from bank to reconcile automatically.

Transaction Search

Instantly search through transaction by any field.

Passcode Protection

Set a passcode to keep your data from prying eyes.


Your data is for your eyes only. We never sell it to advertisers.

What our users say

" I guess I have tried them all, but this is without a doubt the easiest one I have ever used. It is self explanatory in every way.

– Silver Reed

" A bookkeeper’s dream for simplicity!

– TaosGoddess3

" Should be on every Mac.

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