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Restore from Time Machine Backup

It is recommended that you backup your computer using Time Machine, so in case something goes wrong, your Savings data is safe and sound.

When something does go wrong, or if you are moving to a new Mac, there are two ways of restoring Savings data from a Time Machine backup.

The Easy Way

If you are setting up your new Mac with a fresh copy of macOS, during the setup process, it will ask if you want to restore data from Time Machine. Choose yes, and you will end up with both Savings the app and your data restored at the end of the setup process.

The Hard Way

Since the “Restore from Time Machine” option is only available during initial setup of macOS, if you already have macOS running, here is what you need to do to restore Savings and its data.

  1. Download Savings from the App Store. Open Savings. You should see no data. Quit Savings.
  2. Open a Finder window, click the Go menu, hold down the option key, and select “Library”.
  3. Navigate down this path: Containers/com.savingsapp.Savings/Data/Library
  4. Ensure backup disk is plugged in. Enter Time Machine by clicking the Time Machine icon on the status bar and select “Enter Time Machine”.
  5. Within the Time Machine user interface, use the timeline on the right to select the date of the data you want to restore.
  6. Select “Application Support” in the finder window and click Restore.
  7. Now open Savings. You should see your data.
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